3 Keys for Successful Indoor Seed Starting

Here are the 3 most important keys to help you grow strong seedlings and transplants. Stick around for the BONUS key at the end… it may be the difference between killing all your seeds and being able to grow your own healthy babies. NOTE: This video is not intended to show you EVERYTHING about seed starting, just to help you avoid some common mistakes growers make.

Companion Planting Made Easy

When it comes to companion planting there’s a lot of conflicting advice out there. Knowing what you can trust is tricky, to say the least!

Companion planting can be used to boost your harvests in many different ways – by attracting pest predators, suppressing weeds, and by making certain nutrients available to other plants, to name but a few.

In this short video we demonstrate a fantastic new way to plan companion planting, using scientifically proven combinations which are sure to boost your success.

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Ecolonomic Action Team

A Community of People Passionate about Making A Little Money Making the Planet Better The Institute of Ecolonomics (IOE) is a non-profit 501c3 entity providing business development services to entrepreneurs with ideas, technologies, and inventions that when implemented will make the planet better while generating a sustainable profit. Our mission is to demonstrate that creating …


Starting build of our 33.5 ft Geothermal Geodesic Greenhouse

We are building a 33.5 ft Geothermal Geodesic Greenhouse. This is part of the foundation build.

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