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2018 Season CSA Shares now available!

This 12-15 week It will feature seasonal vegetables from our small acreage, which may include Mesclun lettuce mix, spinach, scallions, peppers, beets, summer squash, carrots, Hakueri, tomatoes, cilantro, herbs, radishes, mushrooms and more. This share’s diversity and quantity will vary seasonally.
We will also be working with other local farmers to add diversity to the shares, and economically help others.

A Regular share is meant for an couples who eats an average amount of veggies.
A Double share should feed 4 people per week.

The share distributions will start in June and will be delivered to your home or business unless other arrangements are made.

Please go to our website for more information about the CSA Share Program:

The costs are all on the Farmstand:

Regular share:  $450
Regular share + eggs: $540
Double Share: $900

Double Share + eggs: $990

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2018 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Contract

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